How it works

A magnetic safety barrier consting of only two components, that will secure easy and fast assembly and disassembly for railwaymaintenance projects.

1Stanchion with Magnet

The stanchion contains the Magnet, the heart of the world wide patented system. Together with the horizontal and vertical bar the system is adjustable according the latest standards and norms.

It is composed of a magnet, a synthetic material magnet housing, 3D bended and welded steel square tubings, 2 synthetic material clamping blocks and some bolts and nuts to hold the parts together and make it one stanchion.

2Tube Design

The tubes are specially designed and made. The extruded reinforced glass fiber tubes are coated with a coloured film. The tube lock connection is protected against the rough circumstances along the track.

The press fit coupling between the Tube Lock and the Reinforced Glass Fiber Tube also meets the highest technical standard. The Tube Design is a single part unit with non-replaceable items, protected and it suits all types of weather. Its capability to withstand all the tests and perform above the word wild highest norms and standards.


Not only the design of a good Stanchion and Tube is important, also the design of the transportation system must be at the same level and completes the success of the Rail Safety System.

RSS has tried to give the client the freedom to choose between single part transportation such as the cradles for the Stanchions and Tubes, but also a combined transportation possibility of tubes and stanchions together.


faster than some traditional safety system!

The complete magnetic system

How to put the rail safety system together.

The Rail Safety Systems can be mounted easily on almost every track in the world. Just put the stanchion in the web of the rail, the second stanchion approximately 3 meters apart, the poles pressed in between and ready. The next step is adding stanchions and tube lock the poles in each direction. A hundred meters can be built in 10 minutes. To take the system apart is doing everything in reverse order. It takes even less time than mounting. After putting the stanchions and poles back in the storage cradles the safety system can be moved to the next job.


Rail Safety Systems supplies a range of products. These can be divided into following categories:

Technical details

"It took us five years to develop a high-tech product ridiculously simple to use..."

As founder of Rail Safety Systems and member of the RSS team I have been thinking and working on safety products for countless years.
Before working for Rail Safety System, I was the founder and owner of Roof Safety Systems. Roof Safety Systems provided fall protection systems for both flat and pitched roofs.
The basics of safety for people has always been a major aspect throughout my entrepreneurial career.

The design philosophy behind the Magnetic Safety Barrier of RSS is marked by 4 key criteria:

  • Safety: People who have to work on the rail track need to be properly protected to prevent accidents. The system itself has to be light to ease the strain on people. It cannot have sharp edges which might cause injuries to people.
  • Design philosophy: Adding as many features as possible to as few components as possible during the design and development phase creating a design that looks simple, but in depth has flexibility to adapt and adjust to the customer's wishes.
  • Simplicity: The system needs to consist of as few components as possible, so that people can quickly install and dismantle it without aids or tools.
  • Technical feasibility: The system was based from the outset on the latest technology in the field of 2D and 3D laser cutting and 2D and 3D bending. In that way, the components that simply click into one another, but which are also visually attractive. Anyone can install and dismantle the system without having to use superfluous screws and components.

At RSS we have an experienced team, always trying to improve and support each other, customer-orientated and eager to reach the highest goals.


safe, simple and light.


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