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January 20, 2015

Assembly 50 m Safety Barrier in 5 minutes with 4 men

We think that the positive, unqualified approval of the Rail Live Event at Stratford by all those taking part and/or attending was justified and wish to take this opportunity of thanking all those Network Rail Staff involved with its organisation. From our perspective, we were able to demonstrate the range of new products: all developed to improve safety, save time and expense; that we have developed since the inaugural approval by Network Rail of our RSS Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier.

  • RSS Magnetically Attached - Points Run-Through Signage
  • RSS Magnetically Attached - Lookout Kit
  • RSS Magnetically Attached – Temporary Speed Restriction Boards (TSR Boards)
  • RSS Magnetically Attached – Trench Barrier
  • RSS Handrail Tube carriers

Secondly with the co-operation of the NR Electrification demonstration team, we were able to demonstrate in a live situation, that 4 men could erect 50m of Safety Barrier in 5 minutes and dismantle it in 4 minutes without disturbing the ballast, or incurring the costs associated with a full-possession.   It certainly impressed the crowd watching, many of whom had not seen the RSS Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier previously, and were initially sceptical of our claims that “5 operatives could erect 102 m of Safety Barrier in 15 minutes” – seeing is believing!

Benefits of the Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier

  • The RSS Railway Safety System consists of only two components
  • The RSS Railway Safety System has been tested and certified to EN 13374 (Class A), and is approved by Network Rail  PA05 05085
  • No loose components
  • No tools needed
  • No danger of damaging underground signalling cables
  • Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ
  • Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters
  • Can be used in areas with S & C
  • Safe, simple and light, with no hazardous ‘Ballast Dust’ generated.
  • Fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple magnetic attachment to the web of the rail, with no requirement to remove or replace ballast
  • Very fast build time and thus a major saving in working and possession costs
  • With no ballast removal it can be used in freezing temperatures (to-20oC) when ballast is frozen or in high temperatures (to+80oC) when ‘track distortion’ is an issue.
  • The patented Magnetically Attached Safety Barrier is easy to use and will therefore, be used!

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